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About Pinnacle Property Management of NC, Inc.


At Pinnacle Property Management of NC, Inc. our belief is that everyone deserves a quiet, well maintained place to call home. A place free of the hassle of noisy neighbors and unfulfilled maintenance requests. Come & Experience the Pinnacle Difference! It is our desire to provide each customer with a rental experience that is free from the hassles of the typical lease adventure. From the moment you entrust us with your confidence we will strive to meet all of your needs concerning your new home. We will eagerly listen to your rental preferences…such as floor level, corner units and building locations. Prior to you taking occupancy of your apartment, duplex, condo or house, it will be painted, thoroughly cleaned and the carpets will have been professionally steam cleaned. Inspection of all of the appliances and plumbing fixtures will be made to assure that they are working properly. Your new rental residence will be ready to move into on your scheduled date and if by chance we failed to correct an existing problem simply call us; we will send maintenance out immediately. Any future maintenance needs will be handled in a prompt and courteous manner, usually within 4-6 hours from your initial notification.


Welcome to the Service of Pinnacle! Picture this scene: Two apartment complexes, less than a mile apart, are competing for qualified apartment shoppers. Both apartments are comparable in design, size, and price. Both offer the same in amenities, and do similar advertising. Each is identical in virtually every respect – except one – occupancy! The first holds steady, month after month at a 95% occupancy level. The other struggles along at 87% which its management ironically considers….”Pretty Good”. Successful apartment leasing comes down to one lone variable – the property management’s ability to deal effectively with people.

At Pinnacle we also consider your money – your money! Never will a surcharge be added to any contractors invoice, unlike some of our competitors who charge you up to 5% for simply “Dialing the Phone”, Pinnacle respects your income…Does your current management firm? If you would like more information on the Pinnacle Difference, please call (252) 561-RENT (7368).

Michael Gibson, President

Pinnacle Property Management of NC, Inc.


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